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Keiser University

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Just received an interview invite for Keiser for June 27.


I am wanting to know if anyone knows some history about the PA program and also any interview tips for the program. Anything specific I need to focus on?


I tried looking up information on the website and it didn't tell me too much about program details.


thank you!

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wow you got an interview super super early!

when did you submit your caspa/when was it verified?

I just sent my supplemental into the school today and my CASPA probably has a good few weeks before it gets verified.


I spoke with someone that went to the school, they said it focuses alot on community and public health, like serving underserviced communities and all that.

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I submitted my application literally the week after CASPA opened haha. It was verified and mailed about a week or 2 ago. I was surprised when they called me yesterday for the interview because it is so early. Hopefully that is a good sign!


Thank you so much for the info!


Good Luck! They seem to be really quick to respond.

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I don't think they have more then 6 ppl per slot. You're going to start off with a group interview with an ethical question that you will discuss as a group, and another question that you will write and submit. Then you will each conclude the interview with a one on one interview and a tour of the school at the end! Have fun and be yourselves!

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