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Question about Kaplan Qbank

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Has anyone used this? Trying to get a feel for pros and cons. I had access to exam master for a couple weeks and I liked that I do want to get an idea for the other options out there.

If it matters, I am going for my first PANRE.

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    • By PApreemie
      Hi everyone!
      I feel extremely fortunate to have been accepted at both LLU and Western for fall of 2020.  I am now trying to decide which program I should attend.  Anyone have any advice or input into which program is overall the better one?  Does the PA school one goes to have any weight on job prospects after graduation?  I know that US news ranks Western higher than LLU.. but I'm unsure of how relevant that ranking actually is. 
      I have about 4 years of experience in healthcare and i like the fact that it seems LLU takes on more mature students with paid work experience vs Western.  So I am leaning towards LLU.  
      Thanks a lot in advance 🙂 
    • By hy0914
      Hello All pre-PA students! We know how difficult the application process for PA school can be, and we are hoping to make it just a little easier. 
      Loma Linda University is holding their 3rd annula pre-PA conference to help prospective students learn more about the profession, application process, and our program. 
      Spend the day with Faculty, local PAs, alumni, and current students! Our main speaker for this event is Tony Adkins PA-C or more popularly known as the "dancing doc".  We will be hosting ultrasound and intubation skills labs as well as several information sessions pertaining to writing your personal statement, how to ace the interview, general Q&A, and profession information.  The goal is to show you how to become a competitive applicant!
      LLU PA Program Admission Representatives will be in attendance. Past attendees have been accepted to LLU's PA program. Refreshments will be provided, and there will also be raffle prizes given away every hour! 
      Visit our eventbrite page for additional information and tickets! 
    • By GAPeAch20
      Good Afternoon Everyone,
      I am looking forward to a great application cycle.
      My CASPA is verified and I am awaiting supp. app.
      Let's keep each other posted! 
      Good Luck!
    • By Z PA-C
      I am having a really hard time deciding between these two schools. I know that they are both reputable programs but is one "better" than the other? I don't know where I would want to live after school. Are laws in Oregon or CA more PA-friendly?

      What I do know:

      -27 months, starts in May
      -Not affiliated with a med school (good or bad?)
      -Module Based Learning by organ systems
      -Has a rural track, many rural rotation sites (more "hands on" experience?)
      -Elective rotation must be in Pediatrics, Women's Health, Geriatrics, or Family Medicine
      -Rotations require a lot of traveling, even to different states (diverse but costly/stressful to move constantly)

      -24 months, starts in Sept
      -Affiliated with a good med school
      -More traditional learning set-up (not so much by organ systems)
      -closer to home (2 hours)
      -get choice of one elective rotation in any specialty
      -20K more tuition but could save some money by doing a few rotations near home

      I am all ears and open to hearing any and all input whether it be good, bad, or ugly. This is definitely one of the biggest decisions I've had to make and I really appreciate being able to get feedback from people on this forum. Thank you!
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