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Duties Feedback please

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Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant: In this outpatient orthopedic setting, I worked with 6 PTs, 3 PTAs, 1 OT, 1 OTA, and 1 Tech. My average patient load was 12 per day,one hour treatments, mostly orthopedic injuries, some neurologic. All forms of insurance were accepted and patients of all ages. I often traveled between three of six offices within the company. Daily communication with multiple physicians and physician assistants was essential for patient outcomes and treatment.


In this outpatient setting I worked closely with achiropractic physician, 1 PT, 1 PTA, and 2 Techs to see a variety of injuries.Treatments consisted of modalities including electrical stimulation,ultrasound, and mechanical traction of the spine. My duties included patient treatments for increasing range of motion, increasing strength, and decreasing pain. I was able to alleviate impairments and functional limitations bydesigning, implementing, and modifying therapeutic interventions.


This setting, which I currently work, is licensed as askilled nursing facility (SNF). Within it are also an assisted living facility(ALF) and an outpatient clinic. My duties are in all three departments but mostof my time is spent in outpatient. Over ninety percent of the patient population is Medicare. Each patient is one on one for one hour where I perform gait training; assist with activities of daily living (ADLs), therapeutic exercise instruction, and patient education.

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