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Need help finding the University!

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Hello everyone!


I have recently graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with biology as my major and minor in chemistry. I have a cum GPA of 3.95. I have already given GRE and my scores are verbal 145 and Quantitative 153. I will have the direct HCE of about 800 hours and indirect HCE of about 500 hours by the time of application as I will be working full time as Patient care Associates and part time as the medical interpreter.


I am looking for the university based on only two conditions:

1) It has to be comparatively cheaper.

2) It should have history of accepting international students.


It really doesn't matter for me which state and what whether conditions.


I would really appreciate if somebody could help me.


Thanks in advance.

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I hate to say it, but you just have dig through each school in the above link and find what you like. If you have specific questions about a school, post them in the appropriate section and you'll get some great information. I know it takes a lot of time and effort (I've been there), but it's worth it and you will find the school that is best for YOU, not the hundreds of people that will read this post.


Also, I see being an international student as an advantage. You'll stand out from the crowd and everyone is looking for more diversity these days. Don't let that hold you back and apply to whatever program fits you best.

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I have been an international student. and IMHO it sucks to no end... You have to deal with visa problems, inability to get loans and money, inability to work (not that you want to do it during school anyways), and a great deal of other issues. So, I really do wish you luck...!

As far as cheap part... In my state (Chicago, IL), the cheaper school would be Rosalind Franklin. Whether it accepts international students or not I do not know, but surely you can find out.

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@w0437131 Congratulations on your graduation and your academic accomplishments. I'm replying as admissions director at the Indiana University PA program in Indianapolis. With your stats you should be competitive at many programs, though our program considers Verbal GRE/MCAT only and your score is not as competitive as others.


My suggestion is that most institutions would accept international students. This should be a non-issue.


The second, more important issue is this: finances. Many PA programs simply do not award financial aid, or award only partial scholarships. PA education is expensive and very often run very "lean," that is without profit that could be put back into scholarships. Our costs are lower than most for nonresidents, and competitive with many private universities. Still, it is not inexpensive, because the quality is high and the number of students we can accept is capped, though the costs to educate those students is not.


So, my suggestion is to review the PA programs very carefully that you'd like to enter, make sure you meet or exceed all admission requirements before applying, and go to the place that is the best fit for you. Given that you are an international student, you may feel more comfortable at a campus in a larger city with a diverse population.


Feel free to contact us any time at paadmit@iupui.edu if you want further information on our program.


Best wishes,


Josh Morrison

Indiana University Physician Assistant Program

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