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Need advice on applying to PA school

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Hey guys, I am at a crossroad right now between how to go about getting into PA school. I'm currently a junior at Stony Brook University majoring in biology with a 3.6 cumulative GPA and a 3.5 Science GPA. I have 3 options to choose from and I was hoping to get some advice.


Option 1 - Graduate with a BS in Biology and apply to PA school after.


Option 2 - Transfer to a 3 + 3 Program. For this I would start out on the wait list. The school will assess me after I take one semester of classes at their university. The selection will be between all transfer students and will be strictly GPA based. However, the tuition, room and board will be pretty expensive for me so I am taking a chance. However, I called the admissions office and they said that it was easier for me to get in as an undergraduate than to apply after graduating.


Option 3 - Get a BS in PA studies and apply to a MS program afterwards. I am unsure if having a BS in PA studies affects admissions for the MS program. Also, does having a BS allow me to work as a PA?


Please give me your opinions on this. Thanks!

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Your grades are fine. Depending on your references and health care experience, you should be a good candidate.


If it were me, I'd finish your degree. That maximizes your options, whether or not you get in PA school. You've done a fine job thus far; I'd finish one task before I get into the next one.


Many states require a graduate degree. Mine (Ohio) requires it to prescribe (unless you've been grandfathered in, which you would not be).


I appreciate your enthusiasm for the career; we need that. I just wouldn't stop what you are doing to get there. While you finish up, don't forget to spend times with PAs and get in your health care experience.


Good luck!

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I would agree with UGoLong. Stick with the BS in biology, think it gives you more options. Transferring doesn't sound like a guarantee, would mean more debt (i assume), and would make it your only option for PA schools(?). One thing I'm excited about is looking at PA schools in different part of the country. New region, new experiences, etc.

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