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From their website:

"The primary reasons for the probationary status revolve about administrative policies and processes for self-assessment including the implementation of continuous quality improvement processes. In particular, ARC-PA focused its critique on inadequate analysis of data on program and student success, and use of these data for evidence-based improvements in the curriculum and program. We acknowledge that we can substantially improve in this area and vow to redouble our efforts to meet accreditation standards and to maintain our position as one the best PA educational programs in the country."

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Well, I guess I would think long and hard about how I feel about the school. I looked at the website and it does look like they are making an effort to make adjustments to the program, that the PANCE rate is still high, and that at least they seem to be open and honest about why they were put on probation (not always the case with schools). From my understanding though, the classes that have already started will be able to graduate and sit for the PANCE, but I don't think that's the case for the class you're applying for. Also, I don't know if Malcolm x in Chicago was an exception, but late into applications they actually decided not to admit students for that year to revamp the program.

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I to was wanting to apply to the program until this happened.....From what I have researched, here are my conclusion. They will be reviewed again in March 2015. If your applying this year, that means they will be reviewed during your 1st year as a PA student. If they loose their accreditation during the review of March 2015.....the students enrolled during that year are not allowed to sit the PANCE, and are basically out the 30k they spent on first year tuition. If however, they get their accreditation back everything is ok and students are permitted to sit the PANCE. Somebody correct me if I am wrong but this is what I have gathered...pretty big risk if you ask me....

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This is the response I got from the NCCPA about applying to and attending MUSC.


Thank you for your e-mail. Probation is an active accreditation status and those entering a program that is on probation are entering a program that is accredited. In the past, NCCPA allowed graduates to sit for PANCE as long as the program from which they graduated was accredited at any point during the students' enrollment. This policy changed in 2003, and in order to be eligible to take the PANCE, students must successfully complete a program that was accredited at the time the student matriculated. If the program remains on probation or is removed from probation and granted full accreditation by the time of your graduation, you would be graduating from an accredited program.


To view more details regarding the Accreditation Review Commission on Education of the Physician Assistant and the process click the following link: http://arc-pa.org/faq/students.html#prov.

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    • By PAshleyS
      Hi, everyone!
      What are your thoughts on applying to programs with a ARC-PA probationary accreditation status (i.e., "Accreditation-Probation")?
      I'm a first-time applicant, and a couple schools that I have my eye on currently have probationary statuses (Johnson & Wales University; Monmouth University). I was wondering if it's worth applying to said schools, especially to ones that have had a probationary status for more than two years. 
      Although these schools are still considered accredited, is it safe to apply to & then attend these schools? Do these schools prepare students to become competent & trustworthy healthcare professionals? Are these schools worth the debt? My concern is enrolling in a school with probationary accreditation and graduating as a sub par PA-C, but those are just my uncertain sentiments at the moment. 
      Moreover, I've read that applying to these schools may be advantageous to some who aren't considered "strong applicants" (e.g., average grades/GRE). On the other hand, I've seen "strong applicants" display their admiration & loyalty to these schools here on PA Forum. I'm confused! Let's open up the discussion!
    • By Alicep1990
      Hello Everyone,
      Since is almost time to apply for this cycle, though I should start a discussion for this year. Anyone knows interview dates?
    • By docmcstuffins
      Here is the continuation of the story.....
      Few days back, I had posted a topic about getting an interview from a school on probation.
      Well, I got accepted. This was the first time I was applying. I am feeling happy but lost.
      As I had previously mentioned, I did not apply to many colleges this cycle. Only 5, as I had 2 more pre-requisites to finish and have not taken my GRE.
      I got one rejection so far and one acceptance( from a school on probation) and yet to hear from the others(3 left).
      Before the probation issue, I really did like this school. It was close to home-2 hours away. I am married with family responsibilities; hence it seemed feasible to come back home on weekends and plus a lot of other factors that I found favorable at that time. On the interview day, they mentioned about the probation saying that they are doing everything they can to fix the problem. Some paperwork/document issue was the cause behind the probation and nothing related to education. Their first time pass rate( 5 years)-91% and total pass rate( 5 years)-96%.
      Here are my stats:
      Overall  gpa - 3.8
      Overall science gpa - 3.73
      HCE- almost 4000 and still counting(working as MA)
      Lastly, I have to mention my age- 40 years old( which I find negative)
      I will surely pay my deposit  but my question is-
      If I do not get any more interviews this cycle, should I take this opportunity or apply for next cycle to better programs? Am I killing the goose in my hand?
      This what I got from the ARC-PA website
      Report due for standards related to:
      the sponsoring institution addressing appropriate security and personal safety measures for PA students when instruction occurs at supervised clinical practice experience (SCPE) sites,
      student files including documentation that the student has met requirements for program completion,
      instructional objectives in didactic courses that guide student acquisition of required competencies,
      the program curriculum including instruction in human sexuality,
      SCPEs in preventive, emergent, acute and chronic patient encounters that enable students to meet program expectations and acquire the competencies needed for entry into clinical PA practice,
      SCPEs allowing students to meet program expectations and acquire competencies with patients seeking medical care across the life span, women’s health, care requiring surgical management, and care for behavioral and mental health conditions,
      SCPEs with preceptors practicing in pediatrics,
      implementing an ongoing self-assessment process that documents
      program effectiveness and fosters program improvement,
      applying the results of ongoing self-assessment to the curriculum and other dimensions of the program,
      a self-study report that documents results of critical analysis from ongoing self-assessment, faculty evaluation of the curricular and administrative aspects of the program, modifications that occurred as a result of self-assessment and self-identified program strengths and areas in need of improvement,
      maintaining and documenting effective processes for ongoing evaluation of sites and preceptors used for SCPEs to ensure that sites and preceptors meet program expectations for learning
    • By docmcstuffins
      I am in a big dilemma. I did not apply to many schools this year, only 5. I recieved one rejection and got one interview invitation from a school that is under probation. This is the first time this school has been under probation, but I cannot help feeling a bit worried. But at the same time, is this my only chance this year? Should I just go with it or just try harder next year.
      Can anyone offer any advise on this matter? 
    • By veryworried1
      I am supposed to start a program in January. I have recently learned that the parent institution's accreditation has been changed to probational. The PA program itself has continued ARC accreditation. However, if the institution were to lose its accreditation, the PA program would as well (before I graduate). I realize they could teach out any matriculated classes. Is there any obligation for them to do this? ie if the faculty know the program would close, why would they want to stay? wouldnt they find new jobs to leave asap? Any information would be very appreciated!!!
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