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science gpa question

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I was wondering what classes count as "science gpa" that the admissions office looks at. My major requires some psychology classes, so do they count too? Or are they strictly math, chemistry, and life science courses?


Also, I have extra units, so I was planning on taking a easy Microbiology class and a easy diet/nutrition (physiological science) class. Would those count towards my science gpa even though they aren't necessary courses for my major?


thank you in advance!

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Look at the CASPA FAQs about course subjects: https://portal.caspaonline.org/caspaHelpPages/frequently-asked-questions/academic-history/course-subjects/index.html


Psychology and math actually ft into their own categories, and those aren't included in the science gpa calculation, which is defined on this page: https://portal.caspaonline.org/caspaHelpPages/frequently-asked-questions/processing-your-application/grade-point-average-gpa-calculations/


The microbio and nutrition classes should count for your science gpa whether or not they're for your major, but make sure they're classes for science majors rather than allied health or something! Good luck!

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