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Penn State PA program

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Age: 29


B.S.Ed in Athletic Training from Ark State Univ - 2005

M.S.Ed in Kinesiology/Social Psych of Sport from SIU-Carbondale 2007


10,000+ hours of HCE, and counting, as an ATC since 2005 (working directly withan Orthopedic Surgeon and his PA since 2007)


40 PA Shadowing Hours


GPAs according to CASPA

Overall Cumulative Undergrad: 3.29

Science Cum. Undergrad: 3.31

Graduate Overall: 3.49

Post Baccalaureate Science (refreshing courses and finishing pre-reqs): 3.80

(My GPA in my last 45 hours is ~3.8)


GRE: 156 V

157 Q



Applied to 3 other schools (will likely add more)

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I am applying to be apart of their developing program. PLEASE update me when you get interview offers! I'd love to hear about it.


I feel inadequate but here goes nothing:


26 year old Male


B.S. in Exercise Physiology

Overall 3.44

Science 3.48



V: 151

Q: 155

Writing: 4.0


3,000 hour Patient Care Exposure and counting should have 5,500 by the time of matriculation.


I have worked as a Psych Tech, Orthopedic Surgeons MA, CNA in an ER,

and now I work at a Medic in an ER, and I currently volunteer at a low-income clinic as a phlebotomist.


I have been on 7 medical/humanitarian missions: Indian Reservation 4 corners region,

Las Vegas Homeless Clinics, Panama, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Nicaragua x2.


Shadowed 9 PA's for a total of 100 hours.

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Probably not going to get in, but I thought it'd be worth a try. You won't know unless you apply!


24 year old Female


B.S. in Biology and B.S. in Exercise Science,

Overall 3.06 (3.83 for the last year)

Science 3.00 (116 Science credits)



V: 570 (158)

Q: 780 (163)

Writing: 4.0


3,000+ paid PCH

I have worked as an MA in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery


125 Hours Healthcare shadowing in Dermatology, Ortho, and Plastic Surgery


LOR from a Science Professor, MD and PA who have known me for over a year


Applying to 17 schools.




Submitted - July 9th

Verified - July 11th

Mailed - July 17th


Mailing out my supplemental application tomorrow for PSU.

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Hello everyone! Sent in my CASPA application early July, finished up with their supplemental about a week later.

Received an invitation to interview about three weeks later.


Bachelor of Arts

GPA: 3.7

Science GPA: 3.7


Direct Health Care Hours:

Medical Assistant ~2400

Served as the President of 70 person organization

>500 hours Philanthropy

>50 hours PA Shadowing in a Variety of Disciplines

>200 hours Shadowing MD's


Just an opinion, but it is my belief that it was the personal statement that piqued their interest.

Best of luck to you all, hopefully we will be meeting one another in May!

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