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I got accepted too and will probably start looking for a place to stay in July. Has anyone received their packet yet and how is everyone paying for St. John's? I just submitted my FAFSA and was wondering if that will be enough or do most people seek out additional aid?

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Hi Samantha, does that mean you've already received your packet?


Just419, do you have any advice for "independent" students? I've been studying the medical terminology book we're to be tested on. One independent student at my interview suggested studying pharmacology since it's covered in the first two years at St. John's. Are the any pharmacology books you would recommend?

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The pharmacology we covered prior to the didactic phase focused mainly on the autonomic nervous system and the associated meds, which was tested on one of the first few quizes. The book that was recommended for the PA program was Lippincott's Pharmacology and we used the Katzungs Basic and Clinical Pharmacology prior to the program. It'll probably be more useful to go over the basic autonomic physiology and all of the neurotransmitters rather than start memorizing medications.

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As far as the GPA goes, your "total gpa" is still calculated with all of the pre-reqs included, organic chem, biochem etc... On the other hand, a lot of employers are only interested in your GPA in PA school but it really depends on the hospital. Your total GPA is especially important if you are considering to apply to a post-graduate residency program.


When I applied to the PA program, they let us know in February if we were accepted or not, but I know they have changed that over the past year. I guess they felt students didn't try as hard in biochem or pathology if they knew they were already in.


Did you have your interview yet?

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