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Joining National Guard (Army) with PTSD

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I am not sure where to start...


I just graduated PA school 9 months ago and really miss my military service. I thought I could be OK without it and my wife wanted me to separate completely. I have been out since 2011 with an honorable discharge. While on a rotation in school at the VA they encouraged me to file a claim just to see if there were any benefits. They say even "Zero" percent disabled gets some benefits. So I drank the koolaid and was honest on all my assessments. They ended up diagnosing me with PTSD and Tinnitus. My combined rating for PTSD and for Tinnitus is 20% 10 and 10. I filed an appeal for the PTSD because my VFW rep told me that I should and that everyone has to to. I just filed my appeal not too long ago.



My Questions:



Does this disqualify me from being able to join the National Guard (Army)?

Should I drop my appeal to have better chances?

Should I drop my claims altogether and say that I am better and no longer desire compensation?




Does anyone have experience with going back into the national guard with these type or similar circumstances?


Thank you everyone for your time and replies!






P.S. Feel Free to PM if you would like and ask more specific / personel questions!

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I'm pretty sure having any VA disability doesn't disqualify you from joining the Guard as long as you can still pass the a basic physical (ie you aren't dead) I have a friend that is in an airborne national guard unit and draws a 40% disability. When he is doing army stuff, he just has to let them know so they stop his payments.

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Thanks for your replies everyone! To those who messaged me, Much thanks for taking the time to encourage me and dispel some of the rumor mill. There is so much misinformation everywhere it gets scary. One person even told me since I had PTSD that they were going to take revoke my DEA number and ban/confiscate my firearms... I know it sounds ludacris, but it is a crazy world these days. I thought that due to my combat service they would want me in the NG and I thought they were in need of PA's. I hope I can make it in. Wish me luck!

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Thank you for that. I just spoke to my recruiter and he said it will be a long process but they should be able to get me in. He said I may have to go to MEPS two or three times and may need reassessment but other than that its just a matter of time and possible waivers.


Thanks to all



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