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How many PA's own their own company?

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There are many threads about owning your own company but what about a quick head count of how many PA's are currently self employed in any capacity.


So if you do any 1099 consulting, or any other type of empoyment agreement outside of an employee please post


State of Practice, Speciality, % of full time (i.e. if you only have a side job that is 10% of your total annual income), how long, would you recomend it?

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Hi, I've owned my own bariatric medicine (medical weight loss) practice in CT (www.MedWeightLossCenters.com) for over 4 years. We see 300-400 patients per year, I have 20 employees: 1 MD, 5 PAs, MAs, and front office staff. Obesity is the #1 cause of preventable death in the US; however, medical insurance won't reimburse for medical weight loss. Therefore, our business is all cash.


This is a niche market, and since obesity is projected to double by 2030, there is no end in site. This is also the best medicine I've ever practiced. We get patient's off of medications every day. Many MD's are afraid to take the leap into bariatric medicine as a solo practice. There's a tremendous opportunity for PAs!


If anyone would like more info, email me at andrew.rodican@medweightlosscenters.com


Hope this helps,



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