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need advice/perspective from fellow pas

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Worked cardiac surgery for 12 years. Hospital said they were eliminating 2 jobs based on low volumes. I decided i was ready for something new. Ileft without any hard feelings and took lateral move into ICU. 8 months into that job the hospital says they are eliminating my job and np job because the mds want to hire another doc instead of use mid levels. The only thing that changed in the 8 months was one of the intensivists became the director of icu and the one that hired me left for another institution. I spoke with the director intensivist each month and he said we were doing a great job. I find the whole situation very shady and honestly very sickened by tthe system i work at But relocation is not an option as parents/inlaws are here. Wife is part time now to raise our 3 year old. The hospital said that there are several options becoming available but i would have to interview for etc. The kicker is they said that my current salary would not be guaranteed and would probably take pay cut as the acuity/skill set is not the same. Please give me your honest advice. I do well with constructive criticism. As my son says. "Im a biggy boy"



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