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Do I need to send transcript for a school I didn't get any credits?

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I went to a school but I withdrew before getting any grades. I am also going to school this fall for something unrelated to PA, if I were to apply this summer, do I have to get transcript from that school as well even tho I haven't even start class? Thanks!!

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Maybe you should call CASPA. The FAQ says only institutions that you have received credit from, but I remember reading somewhere else that you need to report every course, even if it is a "W".


As for the fall--

Planned/In-Progress Coursework


For the benefit of the PA programs you are applying to, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you enter any courses which you are currently taking or plan to take in the near future. CASPA does not require you to report this information, but some PA programs do. CASPA advises all applicants to contact the programs to which they are applying to determine if they require them to report planned or in-progress work.ENTERING PLANNED OR IN-PROGRESS COURSEWORK:


1. List the anticipated or in-progress institution in the “Institutions Attended” section of the application with the range of dates you plan to attend.

2. Add a new term and select “planned/in-progress” under “Session/Term Information Status.”

3. Enter your course information as you did for your completed coursework, except there is no field to enter in a grade.

4. Once you have finished entering courses for your current or planned term, you may click “add new term” to enter multiple planned/in-progress terms if necessary.

5. DO NOT SEND CASPA A TRANSCRIPT FOR WORK MARKED AS “PLANNED/IN-PROGRESS.” CASPA does not require nor accept documentation for unfinished courses.

6. Once you have completed in-progress courses, you should send the updated transcript directly to the PA programs to which you are applying.


(that's from CASPA FAQ)

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