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I took the PANRE today. This is the second time I have taken the PANRE, and this time was much worse than six years ago. For preparation, I used the Comprehensive Review book, the Lange question and answer book, and the Emory CD. I have been studying almost every day since February; MUCH more than I prepared the last time I took the exam. When I left the testing center, I felt.... well, "deflated" might be a good word. I am sure I failed. I kept count of how many questions I flagged, that I wasn't "sure" about, and I am embarrassed to even share that number. Any suggestions on what I can do to prep better for my retake in three months? Hippo? Different books? Find a new career? Thanks for listening; I think I needed to vent a little bit.

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I just did my first PANRE - the stress of doing it was unreal. I did Hippo and the 5 day CME Resources course. I had to take a week off to go to the course, and then took another week off to study. Felt like things were going ok until I hit the 4th block and then there were 20 questions in a row that I couldn't answer and it was all I could do to keep myself from having a full on anxiety attack in the test center. I wasn't sure at all what to think.....and then I passed. So a big relief but what a bunch of stress to get there. Good luck

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I know the last time, I felt like I had failed when I finished. The test seemed a lot more difficult this time, for some reason. I have been reading a lot of others saying that also.


maybe it feels more difficult because you have spent more time away from primary care

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I worked in primary care until about a year ago, then I started working in an acute clinic two months later. Now, I realize in a "Minit-Clinic" we don't see any internal medicine type cases, but I wasn't seeing a lot of the exam topics in primary care either.

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I got my results yesterday, and I am happy to report that I passed! My scores went down quite a bit from the last time I took the PANRE, but I'm not going to be too concerned about it. Just glad it is over for awhile!

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I just took to PANRE a few hours ago. I feel awful. Their were about 30 questions where I was like...."Where did this come from?" . I did all of HippoPA questions and ExamMaster CD. My average score on HippoPA was 75%-85% and ExamMaster was 65-75%. Why couldn't we be like NP and never have to recert again?

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i am going to give mine on tuesday.. hello msjay098.. could please guide me any last minute advises.. i was doing kaplan question bank. doing around 60's some times 70's but today i bought exam master and did 3 blocks .. not great scores. do u think i will blow off the test. is there lot of pharm on the test and do they give generic and trade names. please please respond so i will be taking soon...

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      Hello!  I’m currently a senior biology major working as a medical scribe for a bit over 1 year now. I have accumulated about 1100 hours so far and have a cGPA of 3.63 and a science GPA of 3.36. I also have volunteered at a food bank with about 100 hours during the weekends. As a scribe I chart many aspects of the patient visit including vitals, HPI, physical exam and future plans. I also occasionally assist the provider with small tasks such as cerumen flushing in internal medicine or taking an US in a rheumatology setting. I have been researching PA programs to apply to and focusing on those that list scribing as PCE.  I am worried that this experience alone may not be enough as some schools don’t mention scribing as true PCE and I don’t feel I am able to gain another experience as I am currently studying for the GRE, working 3 times a week and will begin my next school semester soon. During my gap year after I apply I will have more time to find another part time job but this won’t be reflected on my application.  Will I still have a chance at being accepted into a program next cycle and if not what else do you recommend I do prior to applying? Thanks for any help you can provide. 
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      Wondering if anyone knows of schools with minimal or no credit expirations. Many schools require prereqs are taken within 5, 7, 10 years and I've retaken three courses thus far to meet most schools' requirements. Soon, more will fall outside of these ranges and it's exasperating to think I will have to pay out-of-pocket for more classes. I'll probably wind up retaking them, but I figure it doesn't hurt to put feelers out there if it means having more money dedicated to applications. 
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      Hey, everybody! Fairly new here. I’ve been scrolling through other threads on this site regarding recommended online schools for prerequisite courses. A few of the threads are extremely helpful but several years old, so I wanted to start a more contemporary thread in case online school qualities have changed or there are any new ones. 
      I’m looking to take biochemistry and anatomy online. Ideally a low price would be great, but a self-paced online course is most important to me considering my current career and associated time restrictions. 
      I’ve been looking heavily at UNE for both courses but have heard mixed reviews. Any recommendations or suggestions based on your experiences, for UNE or others?
      Thank you so much!
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      Hi all, new here! Thanks in advance for the help! 
      I'm under the impression that you aren't supposed to include experience that you received academic credit for in the experience section. If that is the case, why is there a "received academic credit" option to select for experiences?
      From my previous healthcare degree, I did a number of internships and a residency program that I received academic credit for but on my transcript, it just says "internship hours" or "practicum hours" and provides no detail about the experience.
      Can I list the details of the experiences (as they were electives and unique to me rather than my academic program) and check the "received academic credit" box?
      For example, I elected to do an internship in a hospital in China and an integrative medicine residency program at a US hospital, I was credited "hours" from my graduate program, but there is no mention of the experiences on the transcripts. If I don't list them under experience, neither will be visible on my application. Do I just talk about them in my personal statement? What would you do in this situation?
      In general, I feel like I could use some guidance navigating CASPA with my unusual background (I have a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) and am lacking access to an advisor . Any recommended resources? 
      THANK YOU!!
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