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HELP - New Grad Ortho Job?

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I am a new grad in NY looking for an ortho job. I just passed my boards two weeks ago and I have already blasted my resume to dozens of hospitals/practices. Unfortunately 95% of the places I applied to prefer experience. I would prefer a Hospital setting as my first job so that I can work with a variety of doctors, learn how to manage fxs, dislocations, post op pts, etc. but I am becoming desperate from the wait that I am considering an office job. I am just worried because I will be missing out on an entire learning experience.


For all my Ortho PAs, what is your opinion on starting off a career in a Hospital vs Office for Ortho. (one of the main things i want to do is 1st assist in OR)


*sorry if this question has been answered somewhere in the blog, i just joined recently.



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Why not try to do a post grad fellowship in Ortho? There is one at Langone Hospital


Formerly known as Hospital for Joint Disease/ Orthopedic Institute


2nd ave and 17th street NYC


I was aware of this post grad ortho fellowship in HJD but I could not find further info. via internet about this program. Do you know their contact information by chance? Much appreciated!

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