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Do you know how late they will be interviewing? 

What are your credentials?



I'm not sure how late their group interviews go, they definitely had a few throughout October and November...there will probably also be last minute interviews after the new year, I think some people from last year's class were saying there were.


As for my credentials...

BS in Molecular & Cell Biology

GPA: 3.67

Science GPA: 3.73

~1700 hours paid PT aide

2 years full time biomedical research technician

~200 hours hospital volunteering

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Thanks for the info @ jlf54! Do you know if they are veteran friendly? Or if they look at more medical experience over gpa? I have 6 years as an army combat medic but my bachelors from a while back didn't have my most focus at the time :) still graduated cum laude but my gpa is nowhere near yours! Lol. Congrats on your acceptance!


Thank you! I think they definitely value medical work and life experience the same if not more than numbers. My GRE scores were only average which was a slight concern for me, but ended up not being weighed as much. They must have a gpa minimum, but everyone that is invited for an interview is qualified numbers wise. Its then all about how you can talk about your experiences, your personal qualities, and so they can see how you would jive with their program.

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I accepted an interview date in January but have not bought a plane ticket yet...coming from CA I want to be sure it is a place I feel confident I would get the education and training I need...i know this forum is quiet but is there anyone out there who can weigh in ....current students....those that have visited and interviewed....anyone?

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I accepted an interview date in January but have not bought a plane ticket yet...coming from CA I want to be sure it is a place I feel confident I would get the education and training I need...i know this forum is quiet but is there anyone out there who can weigh in ....current students....those that have visited and interviewed....anyone?

I interviewed here in the fall and was wait listed but overall I liked the program. It is new so they still seem to be working things out but it seems promising. It's hard to gauge the outcomes of the education and training without having any result back in regards to PANCE performance. It is also a very small program with only a class of 24.

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I was accepted the same day I interviewed back in October (by phone + email). I would say that if you're wondering what kind of school JWU is aiming to be, try taking a look at the biography of the program director, George Bottemley. Not trying to be disingenuous or blatantly sell you the school, but I what found was the most appealing to me was the level of interest that the faculty and staff had in your education. Dr. Bottemley pretty much solidified the experience simply because of how passionate he was about his school.


Here are the excerpts from his bio that speak to his experience with PA schools:


"As a National Health Service Corps Scholarship recipient, he attended the Yale School of Medicine Physician Associate Program and became a primary care PA in an inner city New Haven, Conn., community health center. His practice background is with the underserved and the homeless.


He was a member of the team that developed the Physician Assistant Program at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science (MCPHS) where he served as their first Academic Coordinator and Department Vice Chair.


He went on to become the Associate Director of Research and Interim Program Director at the Yale School of Medicine Physician Associate Program. He was Program Director of the Central Michigan University Physician Assistant Program, the Founding Director at Salus University in Philadelphia, PA and most recently the Program Director at the University of New England. At UNE, he was part of the team that created their InterProfessional Education Collaborative (IPEC)."

"On a national level, he was appointed by the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) to chair the committee that created the first national honor society for the physician assistant profession, Pi Alpha. He has been the PAEA Regional Consortium Chair for the Northeast which he currently co-chairs. He served two terms as a committee member responsible for writing the Pathway II Examination, the recertification examination for physician assistants developed by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants and the National Board of Medical Examiners."
I was kind of skeptical when I applied here, knowing that they haven't even graduated their first class yet, but I loved the facilities, the personal investment of the faculty, and their mission statement. Learning the backgrounds of all the professors and staff was what really hooked me. Hope this helps!
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Undergrad Ed School: University of Rhode Island - Cell/Molecular Biology
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.58
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.67


Age at application time: 21


GRE (1st): V - 154(63), Q - 159(74), W - 4.5(80)

Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) 
ER Tech Paid (60)

EKG Tech Paid (160)

EMT Paid (432)

EMT Volunteer (4831)

Med. Assistant Volunteer (96)



ER PA (24)


Extracurricular/Research Activities:

Research Assistant in Biophysics (360)

Research Assistant in Microbiology (160)

Teaching Assistant in Physics (90)

Various community service things


Schools Applied: Northeastern, JWU, Quinnipiac, Pace

Application Submitted Date: CASPA + supplementals at the end of August 29th-ish?, verified 2 weeks later
Interview Invites: Northeastern, JWU


Denied: Pace, Quinnipiac
Waitlisted: Northeastern

Accepted: Johnson and Wales

Attempt(s): First

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