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School in state where I don't want to practice? Networking out of state?

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I got accepted into 2 schools. I got accepted into a school in the state I want to practice in, but I don't know if its the best option because its a newer private school plus its much more expensive than the other school I could go to (which is in state and not where I want to practice after graduation)



If I stay in-state would it be much more difficult to get a job out of state as oppose to going to the school within that state I want to live? I don't want a ton of debt but as the same time I don't want to sacrifice any networking opportunities. For those who have done this, was it difficult to get an out of state job?


What are your guys’ thoughts and opinions?


Thanks for your help!

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Join the PA association in the state that you'd like to practice in. Most of my class ended up practicing in other states.


This! I went to school at Pacific in Oregon (private, expensive... check) and asked for as many rotations as possible in Washington. I ended up with half my rotations in Washington state, and had a job--that I applied for after seeing the add on WAPA's members-only job website--before graduation. If it's a non-adjacent state, that might be trickier to pull off.

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