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anybody from Oregon on here?

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I keep talking about a motorcycle and my wife keeps saying no. I think it stems from the early days of our marriage when I wanted to get one with a sidecar and she was afraid, since we both worked at UW, that on the way to work one morning after we had had an argument, that I would pull the pin as we went around a corner. I tried to tell her it wasn't that simple to detach a side car but it didn't get me anywhere. sigh.

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I wish there was a PA school close enough to Hood River to commute to..I love it there


I am attending UW and went to the Yakima campus. Rented a house with a couple of classmates, stayed in Yakima during the week and came home on weekends. My clinical year is shaking out to be half where I could live at home and the other half scattered to the wind up in western Washington and one rotation in Salem.


I worked and did my pre reqs in Portland, commuting there daily for four years. I can be at the base of the OHSU tram in about 1 hour 10 minutes.


Pacific University is probably 1:40 from Hood River, maybe closer to 2 hours, traffic depending.


Three well respected schools with fairly unique admission demographics. If I were to do it again I would apply to OHSU and live in Portland, couch surfing with friends in Hood River on weekends

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Currently a student at Drexel hahnemann graduating in December and moving to the Portland area. (originally from Oregon)


Good luck getting a job once you get there. Portland has both OHSU and Pacific pumping out graduates every year, so the metro area is very locally saturated. If you're willing to go farther afield, you will have better job prospects.

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Hi Dave!

I'm Lisa Lanning, we were on OSPA together when I was a student back in the day ;)

I moved to SC seven years ago but miss home and will probably eventually move back. I finish med school in June then residency after that...it will be a long time before I can afford motorcycles and toys like that :)

Hope you're well!

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Hey all, 

Im a PA student at JMU in Virginia. My husband and I have been looking to move to Bend for a couple years now and I'm in the process of setting up 2 rotations at St. Charles in Bend. Can anyone give some personal insight regarding practicing in Oregon in general compared to other states - is it more PA friendly then some? Average? Is Oregon more NP or PA dominant? What kinds of things do you think are important to know about being a PA in Oregon? Thanks everyone. 

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Get started on your application for license LONG before you plan to move. The Oregon Board of Medical Examiners is painfully slow to process and approve your application

yup. OR took me 6 months. WA took 1 week.

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