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Hello Class of 2015 and fellow colleagues, I completed my undergraduates at UTPA thus know about living arrangements. Seeing all this post concerning "VERANDA PLACE" as a viable recommendation, I must warn you that it is a freshman hangout and a lot of parties occur at all times of the day. I would be weary of noise and reckless behavior from neighbors. I suggest "ROCK RIDGE" which is very close to UTPA, gaited community with top notch surveillance. Hope this helps. See you all in the Fall!

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Did any of you who were accepted to the class of 2015 have problems finishing the prereqs on time? The deadline for prereqs recently changed and must be completed the year before the start dateI still have 3 prereqs to go and I applied this year for the class of 2016. Did anyone else who got in this year not have all the prereqs finished?

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For anyone looking for a place to live, a place just opened up near me. I believe it's a three bed, two bath. It's a duplex and I think the cost is 800 per month. My wife and I live in a 2 bed 2 bath just a few doors down. Only about 5 minutes from the university. These were just built last summer so relatively new. Let me know if anyone wants the number. I'm a first year going on second in August btw.

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