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recruiting for part time PA position

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The group I work for - yes I'm still there - is thinking (the docs all have to vote on this) to hire another PA. Finally! some help!


I stayed because they agreed to expand my scope of practice and so I work primarily with 2 MDs in 2 locations. It's some back and forth but I don't mind and I welcome the change of scenery. They threw in a bunch more $$ so I'm sticking around.


My main supervising physician wants to have a PA for both locations - so 2 in total. Right now I am working at both. He wants me to stay on his side and the new person to be trained for the other side. I prefer the idea that we hire another PA and get them cross trained to work in both places. Both see general neuro but movement disorders is mostly at one location and epilepsy is at the other. I like doing both. Too much of anything gets old and I've been there for over 5 years now.


We had a meeting about this because both locations want me there more. Nice to be fought over, but I'm only in the office 3 days per week and short of cloning me we're going to have to hire someone else. I suggested we recruit for someone part time with the idea that the FTE could be increased as things grow and get busier. Our director says it's really hard to recruit for part time - that people want benefits etc.


Really? I know I've looked at a number of jobs that I haven't even considered applying for because the position is advertised as full time. Isn't there a market for people like myself who have kids but want to work? Who would be ok with going without benefits or having part time benefits? Have benefits through spouse? Or maybe working for a per diem rate? I'd go insane if I was home with my kids all the time....


My concern is that a full time person won't have enough to do initially and there will be limited availability of precepting. The docs will all express concern about paying a full time salary for someone who isn't going to be productive for several months. It's happened already with another PA who was hired for one doc in particular. The PA was actually going to be let go because she wasn't meeting her revenue expectations. As it turned out the PA and MD wound up leaving the group so it all turned out but the whole experience is still fresh in everyone's memory.


Of course I'll be the one who has to take on most of the responsibility for training a new person. Not sure how that's going to happen but we'll have to find a way.



Anyway, any thoughts/insights would be much appreciated.

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