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Questions for Current/Graduated Students

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Hello everyone!


These are a few specific questions for current or graduated students about the Albany Medical College program that I could not find the answers for on the website. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated. Here they are:


1) Was the program focused on primary care or was it surgery based?

2) Was the focus on rural or urban medicine?

3) Was there a large emphasis on community service? i.e. Courses on community service or resources for volunteering

4) Did anatomy labs have a full cadaver, prosected cadaver or was it a virtual lab?

5) Did you find courses gave you ample information to assess labs, diagnose, etc. during your clinical rotations?



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1) Primary care per their mission statement, but I think all schools have to meet the same ARC standards so it can't be that different from school to school anyway.

2) There wasn't a specific focus.

3) There are a fair number of community volunteering opportunties. There are a few courses that deal with community health, etc.

4) Full cadaver lab with 24 hour access.

5) I did very well on rotations and didn't have a super strong clinical background prior to PA school, so I'd say yes.

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Hi! I just graduated from the program:


1) Definitely focused on primary care, but most programs are now. I don't know of a program that is Surgery based.

2) I feel like this is a hard question to ask. If I were to answer, I would say a little of both. But medicine is medicine, so I'm not sure.

3) Yes, there were many opportunities for community service, and there was one class that was Community Based Medicine.

4) Yes! 6-8 Full cadavers set aside for just PA students (separate than med students)! Separated into about 4 students per cadaver, we did everything! Great experience!

5) Yes! One class called Diagnostic Methods was 2 full semesters. It was great information for clinicals! I felt fully prepared and did very well on clinical rotations.


Well, hope this helps!

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