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Urgent Care reimbusement/renegotiation

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Hi all... I have worked in the ER for the 3.5 years, and have spent the last year working in urgent care. I have a contract renegotiation approaching, and need some advice. First off, I initially agreed to a lower pay rate as part of my job is "administrative" ie; customizing and training physicians on the EMR. The idea was that it didn't take a PA to do this job, so why pay a PA salary. I was desperate at the time so I agreed. Since then my administrative tasks have been expanded to not only EMR, but training family practice docs how to practice urgent care/emergency medicine as well as teaching procedures. I believe this will be the easier part of my contract to negotiate.


Basically what I'm wondering is what kind of reimbursements the clinic gets when I see patients as opposed to when a physician sees the patients. Having this info will greatly assist my negotiation ability, but I'm not sure how to get the information.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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