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Urgent Care New Grad offer

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I was verbally offered the following position, and I'm curious if it sounds like a good deal for a stand-alone urgent care in a pretty darn small town in the southeast:


week 1: three 12s

week 2: two 12s + sat & sun 8-4



The facility uses autonomous PAs as solo providers, so for the first 6 months I'd be undergoing a training/internship/whatever you want to call it, working side-by-side with another provider for reduced pay:

25/hr months 1-2

35/hr months 3-6

47/hr from then on out (with those hours and rates, I calculated 72k my first year, 85k my second year)



50% health

$1500 CME

PTO (I forget how much)

noncompete only for other urgent cares (ERs ok), which sounds pretty fair to me


The downsides I see are the 50% health, and working every other entire weekend. I think the supervision for 6 months is appropriate and necessary, and the pay isn't bad especially given the cheaper cost of living. I'd really appreciate anyone's thoughts, given the unique structure of the pay, etc. Thanks in advance!

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the 50% health would be unacceptable to me.

what about state licenses, dea, life insurance, malpractice, etc.?

if they are paying you like crap for the first few months that beter be a reat learning experience with zero expectation for productivity on your part.

every other weekend is pretty standard for uc/er. I work 3 out of 4 weekends.

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I meant to mention they cover malpractice with tail. Not sure about licenses/DEA. I'm not thrilled with the training pay either, but I'm not sure how willing they'll be to bend on that. Would it be appropriate to ask for relocation assistance, especially since it's in the boonies?

And 401k I think was like 3%.

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Could you pick the days you work? If you did W/Th/F then not come back until Th/F/Sa/Su, off two days, work 3, off six days, work four, off two, work 3, off 6... Every other week you are off six days, including a weekend.


I could see being able to cluster the work days off to maximize days off could compensate for the weekend duty. Those six days off also lend themselves to being able to pull some locum work and boost your income if you need it

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