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Your SP should have received a letter in December or January questioning whether the PA licensed under him/her will be prescribing and/or dispensing Sched. II controlled substances. This was a two page document. The first page was a letter and the second was the form that needed to be signed by both the SP and the PA with a check mark boxes.



This is the site that has a copy of the form that you need to send in with any changes to your work agreement. http://www.dos.state.pa.us/bpoa/lib/bpoa/20/medbd/change_form_for_pas.pdf


Make sure that you address whether you will be prescribing Sched II drugs, etc. Also make sure that you have reviewed how the regs have changed so that you can change your work agreements. For instance, if you will be ordering blood and blood products, then make sure that is in your agreement, along with prouncing death, etc. Also address how your practice will be providing supervision, since the three visit rule has been deleted. Here is a link to the new regs:



Here is a link to the DEA for requesting changes to the schedules that you will be prescribing:



After you send in the form to the Board of Medicine with the changes to your work agreement, they will send your SP confirmation of the changes. Note: if you need to change anything such as adding/deleting alternate SPs, addresses, etc. now would be a good time to do that as well. That way, you can "clean up" your paperwork that is filed with the state.

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I just completed my final step today by mailing in that change form.


I thought I was done already and I already ordered a blood transfusion and wrote one percocet script! Then I get this thing in the mail saying "TAKE THE NEXT STEP."


Don't change your practice until you get confirmation from the Board of Medicine that they have received your work agreement...

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Actually, I made the changes to the supervision agreement and scope of practice section. I also simultaneously applied to the DEA- Took a month because the state said they didn't get the pharmacy change form that we sent. Had to sign a new one which held up the works. My practice administrator handled the communication between the two- It is finally a done deal.

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