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Housing for those without a car

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Hi Everybody!

So I'll be a part of the class of 2015! I would like to get my apartment situation cleared up so I can check it off the to-do list. Unfortunately, I am not from the area and I won't be able to visit the area specifically to find an apartment. So, any advice you locals can offer me would be greatly appreciated!


Essentially, I am limited because I won't be having a car for the first year if possible. So, I'd like to be within walking distance, or be directly on a bus-line to get to our PA building. I've looked at craigslist and the Wake School of Medicine postings, but all of them seem to be in the Ardmore area, which seems a bit far for somebody without a car.


Does anybody have advice for apartments within walking distance?

Or any input as to the reliability of the buses/transit, and if there are any apartment hubs located off of a bus-line?

Also, how easy is it to bike around downtown, and is it possible to bike year-round?


Thanks so much for any advice you can throw my way! It is greatly appreciated!


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Hey Jack, welcome to the program! Those are some great questions, and I think you'll like the answers. I am a first-year student and there are a few of us that don't use cars to get to the program. I have a couple of classmates who live relatively close and walk (15 min. walk) but there aren't any apartments very close to Victoria Hall that aren't also far away from grocery stores, as far as I can tell. In my case, I do live in Ardmore in a basement apartment. Rent is fantastic, and the bike ride isn't too bad if you don't mind some mild hills. It takes me about 13 minutes (plus I take the backroads so when everyone else is stuck in rush hour traffic I have a quick and easy commute). I have been able to ride my bike year-round, but on days when it's too rainy or icy I take the shuttle from the Hospital. That's the great thing about living in Ardmore or West End, close to the hospital: There are free shuttles that constantly run between the hospital and the downtown buildings that pertain to it (including ours). I haven't actually tried the buses, mostly because of the free shuttle option, but I know the fare is very inexpensive ($1). Hope that helps!



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