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Anyone practice in Maine?

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So sweet!! Thanks for sharing ..........I'm so happy for both of you. Wishing you loads of happiness and togetherness in future. May your love shine brighter and your companionship grow richer with each passing day. Congratulations on your engagement!


Hey don't forget to go to "Rome" for your honeymoon............ your dream place....remember?

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Hi Delco714,

Wow.... Its great to hear that you are giving equal importance to your classmate and girl friend. Have a safe and happy journey and life.


Thank you very much! We're very excited, and we're also getting a puppy soon! I wanted to leave NY and she wanted to go home, perfect. :). When i get all the little details about my job offer and accept it, I'm going to post a "what do you think about my offer"thread, and also a thread about my story. I've been here on the forums for almost 5 years now!

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I'm probably a few years out, but always loved the state when I was younger.


Its strongly on my radar, as I'll likely be looking to move back to New England when I am done.


I particularly like midcoast Maine, and would be looking at EM positions I'm guessing.


The dream would be a small hobby farm, close beach access, outdoors activities, seafood, but I can't let the cart get too far ahead of the horse here...

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Autonomy where I am is great.  In fact, I more often feel like I'm allowed too much autonomy than too little.  Granted I'm 6 months out and working main ED shifts at a level II trauma center, so I should feel that way.  The seasoned folks I work with function basically like the MD's.  Pretty sweet set up, particularly if you stick around a while.  


Pay is good when compared to other new grads in my area.  It was the highest I was offered when compared to (occ med/urgent care, multiple family med practices) and is higher than any of the other new grads I'm close with who are in vascular sx, trauma sx, family med.  I feel like it's pretty on par with the average for the area.  

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