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Spreadsheet or list of expenses for financial aid?

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Hi all - It is time to apply for financial aid and loans, for those of you who have already done it, did you use any kind of spreadsheet or list to jot down what your expenses were going to be so you knew exactly how much to apply for? I have heard bits and pieces on here from people saying don't forget this expense or that expense. Just wondering if anybody had an effective way of calculating expenses that did not forget anything! Thanks.

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Really depends if you're going to live on campus or off. I made a spreadsheet with the scenario of being in an apartment by myself or with roommates. This is not my list but some things to consider:



- Water

- Gas

- Electricity

- Trash

- Cable

- Internet

- Landline (if you want it)

- Cell Phone


Living Expenses

- Food (groceries), beverages

- Coffee / Fast Food fund

- Rent (find a place that includes appliances)

- Transportation (car + fuel + maint + registration + insurance / public transportation)

- Child Care (if needed)

- Burn off steam fund (gym / massage / movies / etc)


Previous Debt

- Credit Cards

- Student Loan

- Car Payments


Misc Items

- Toiletry

- Cleaning Supplies / Equipment

- Cooking Supplies

- Any furniture (TV / Bed / Couch / Desk / linens / towels / etc)

- Moving Expenses (Truck / Boxes / Tape / Etc)

- Funds for coming to and back from home

- Anything Extracurricular

- If you want to keep any old certs / licenses active

- Birthdays / Weddings / Anniversaries /Bar mitzvahs / etc


School (mostly provided by program cost of attendance)

- Tuition

- Laptop

- Books

- Scrubs / Lab Coat

- Lab Supplies

- Med Equipment

- Healthcare Insurance

- Cost for PA licensure / Study Review



Feel free to add to the list. Just trying to get one going here.

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