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SEMPA vegas housing cheaper option

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Man, I've been bad about getting on here lately; I booked a couple of weeks ago and meant to put up a message like this.


I found a deal via otels.com, which is a clearinghouse that apparently is run out of Turkey (so that explains the currency exchange charge on my credit card bill), and got 4 nights for a price that's stupidly cheap compared to the Mirage's SEMPA rate. I think Kayak.com, Priceline.com, or the hotel's own site would give you something decent.


The Flamingo is not so swanky anymore, and it has a shabby charm. The rooms are renovated though, and for as much time as I intend to spend there, I'm sure it'll be fine. It's also historic, and one of the few first-generation casinos still standing.


Being across the street from the conference is nice, of course.

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Bumping this thread, just in the interests of visibility. Make some calls, see if you can save some cash.


I hope the Flamingo doesn't smell funny or anything...

for 500 bucks less I can put up with a lot. when I go to the aapa conferences I stay at the nearest motel 6 and walk 2-3 blocks to save a few thousand dollars.

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Yes, that's true. The Flamingo was one of the first generation of casinos. Many of its peers have long since been demolished to make way for shinier, newer things. I played the five-dollar craps tables at the Sahara several years back, and it was the most fun I've had in my three or so trips to Vegas. It was like walking through a time warp.


i believe the flamingo hotel is the subject of the movie "bugsy" with warren beatty.
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