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PAFT Elections

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The candidacy announcement period for the upcoming PAFT elections opens today and will last until 3/1. Voting period to be open 4/1-4/15 via online survey.

Open positions include

President Elect (1 yr term)

Vice President ( 1 yr term)

Treasurer ( 1 yr term)


Secretary ( 1 yr term)

Director at Large (2 Positions) (2 yr term)

Student Representatives ( 2 positions) ( 1 yr term)

Position Descriptions Below

1.2.3. President-elect. The president-elect shall perform such duties and have responsibilities as prescribed by the President or Board of Directors.


1.2.5. The Vice President shall assume the office of the president in the case of vacancy in that office. The Vice President shall chair all meetings in the absence of the President. (S)he shall perform any other duties assigned.


1.2.6. The Treasurer shall be responsible for accurate maintenance and accounting of the finances of the organization. (S)he shall give a report at the annual meeting of the membership of the general financial condition of the organization. The Treasurer shall deposit or cause to be deposited such monies generated by the organization into such accounts as are established by the Board of Directors; shall disburse such monies as necessary on order of the Board of Directors; shall maintain such records of these transactions as necessary; report to the Board of Directors the financial status of the organization and accounts when requested; and other duties as assigned.


1.2.7. The Secretary shall have charge of recording and maintaining the minutes of the regular and other meetings of the Board of Directors and the annual membership meeting; maintaining and conducting correspondence on behalf of the Board of Directors; and other duties as assigned.


1.2.8. Minimum two (2) directors-at-large — the number of directors at large required is to be determined by each outgoing Board of Directors, prior to setting elections rules.


1.2.9. Two (2) student representatives are full members of the board, and represent the student membership at large.





If interested please post a brief statement to the paftmembers googlegroup page which includes your background and thoughts for the future of the organization.

Thank You-


Eric Holden, PA-C, MPAS, EMT-P

Emergency Medicine PA

Doctoral Student, Health Science & Global Health

PAFT Director at Large, Election Committee Chair

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