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New Grad ER Offer?

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Would appreciate any input on this contract. The ER position is in central VA. This seems to be a standard contract with little room for flexibility. Aside from the no PTO, it strikes me as fair for a new grad. Thoughts?



  • Shifts 8-12 hrs, hourly wadge (cover fast track, intermediate, main, some cardiac, no trauma unless MCI)


  • $36/hr + RVU ($53/hr minimum) (told by senior PA that currently no PA is below 63/hr with 1-2 at 75hr)


  • Overtime is 1.5 hourly wage and 1.5 RVU


  • 120% matching 401(k), vested on day 1


  • $1500 CME (strict - course cost only, no travel costs. Need ATLS prior to starting so most is right there)


  • Approved Cat 1 & 2 CME online Free (but no CME time off)


  • Occurrence malpractice covered, life, disability, AD&D


  • 80/20 health insurance with $1000 year HSA matching


** no paid time off/vacation days (if we want days off we just get scheduled)

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