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So I am very excited to start PA school in May and I got a email from my school yesterday saying that I am very close to the total loan limits established by the federal loan programs. Now it was my understanding that graduate school had different loan limits than undergrad, is this correct? If not and I can't get anymore federal loans is that just the stafford loan? Would I be elgible for the grad plus loan still? Any info would be greatly appreciated as my wife and I sold our house and are moving to a different state so I can go to school.

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Undergrad and grad are two different loan limits. There is a TOTAL (undergrad and grad) but its hard to go over that with just undergrad loans since undergrad loans have their own limits. When I first applied for loans for grad school i got that same email but it was in regards to undergrad loans and i had no issues from there. Im sure if you contact your fin aid advisor you will find that youre ok.


Now if you have already used grad money towards a previous degree....that may be another story....

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Yup...same thing happened to me :-)


Yea I got in touch with my financial aid department and feel better now, it was just a preliminary status they had for me. Since I will be a graduate student my limits increase. I just panicked a bit and posted that message but thanks for the replies everyone.
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