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Will I get in do you think?

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My freshman year of college was pretty tough for me. I was homeschooled and it took me a while to transition to going to school with other people. I am in my second semester of Sophmore year but I have the credits of a first semester Junior and my GPA is 3.81. I am a Health Science major and I really want to go to PA school. I have made A’s in everything except my general chemistry classes. I made a C+ in G. Chem. 1 and a B in G. Chem. 2. Are those fine grades or should I retake them and hope for a better grade? Should I retake just the first one or because I made better in the second and harder part does it show inprovement? Also, I volunteer 4 hours a week in the ER and I have a part time job at my school as a student worker and I am in Phi Eta Sigma, an honor society. With all that, also, do I look like I will be able to make it in to PA school at South College? Thanks for the help!

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