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What's up with PA offers recently?

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That, and women will more often be lowballed on offers than men will, because women are perceived to be more willing to work for less and/or accept an inferior offer to "go along to get along" and/or in hopes that ephemeral promises will turn into raises. They're a clear majority of new grad PAs, and seem to be well represented among those seeking advice on offers here. I helped a couple of my younger (well, than me) female classmates with their interviewing and negotiating points--but I shudder to think how even younger and under-supported new female grads are abused by the hiring process.

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Its very imp for a new grad PA to go into an interview with absolute confidence !.... and the attitude that" just becos im a new PA it does not mean i get low balled". we have to go in with numbers, and facts/figures.

when i was a new grad i started at 75k 4 hrs ago.... by now the sal has gone up to 80k out of school. (im talking about the base salary only + the extra bennies :) need to to asked !)

New PA s need to lean these facts/ figures and stay put. Since there are so many PA jobs and you wil ultimately get a good match !... and not to get scared and take what ever comes your way !

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