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What schools to apply to....?

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Hello everyone! I am going to apply to PA programs as early as possible for the next cycle, but I am somewhat confused at which programs to apply to where I have the best chances of getting in. The strongest aspect of my application will be my GPA, which will be around 3.7 and I do still have about two pre-req courses to finish, which I plan on completing in the Fall. My healthcare experience is somewhat limited. I have experience working as a MA in a urology office for about 390 hours, and about 200 hours as an emergency room scribe. Another notable extracurricular is that I am a four year letter winning athlete at a Pac-12 University. Based on these stats, can anybody suggest programs that have a strong focus on GPA, and would at least consider me for an interview with limited health care experience. I am hoping to go somewhere on the West Coast or Midwest. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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