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2013 MDC Applicants

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Guys this forum is no good if we just keep posting questions and not answering them. Take the time to answer someone before you post your own question.


If we pool our information together we call all be better prepared.


I've spoken to several students currently in the program and they have told me that the test is difficult but not impossible. You should be prepared for anything but since it is an entrance exam you should not expect clinical questions. Can any current students confirm this?


Invitations for the test will be sent early in March. Once someone receives it please post confirmation so the rest of us can begin frantically panicking.


JPMorgan-PA, I have seen you post several times in this forum. Are you a current student? To answer your question, I have a B.S, currently work as a Firefighter/Paramedic, over 300 shadowing hours and a 4.0 cumulative GPA. I would truly appreciate any information you could provide.


Good luck to everyone applying!

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There is a lot of misinformation being passed around. Here are some facts...

1) The test is hard but not impossible. If you student the book as you are told you will have the ability to answer 50% of the test questions.

2) The book Gross Anatomy 7th Edition is detailed and overs a lot, if you have not started to study for the exam already, then you are way behind.

3) Notification of test dates will not be e-mailed out for at least another week and last year there were 3 test groups, so do not freak if you do not get one right away.

4) Lastly, we are all fighting for the same 50 spots in the program. As much as we all may want to be helpful to each other either you have studied and are ready or you haven't.


I hope this helps some of you to relax and prepare.

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