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Future job's HR demands to speak to current employer...but I don't want them to know!

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I am in the process of applying for a hospital job. The process has gone fairly well, but now they are demanding to have paperwork filled out by my current employer. I explained that I do not want my current employer aware of my job search, but they refuse to accommodate this. I feel like...what the heck?? This sounds totally unprofessional. Is it unreasonable to want to keep my job search from my current employer? Why are they adamant about this, and do I have any sort of right to privacy here?

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I'm not a lawyer but here are my pointers


1) you have the right to not work there

2) if this is a public/tax supported facility you may be able to ask to see the policy the institution has that required them to get this info

3) If you are being recruited by your SP, ask him/her what the deal is

4) if you really want/need this job and your chances are good at getting it, then reconsider maybe going to your current employer and kindly state that you were looking at the possibility of leaving, they will find out anyway.

5) one more thought, have tried to speak to someone in Administration (ie: going above the HR people)? They could overrule HR and proceed. Of course this also depends on how bad they need a PA.


Good luck

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