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PANCE Anxiety

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I just graduated and will be taking my PANCE Jan 10th. I signed up for the Hippo review back in september an studied that along my last semester board review/clinical therapeutics class. I also use Comprehensive review books, old PACKRATS, and exam master to study. I have taken two NCCPA practice tests..which gave me a good idea how they may ask questions (i'm hoping). I scored mostly in the green with some areas in red. However, when i took a second exam (on the same day) things I scored totally in red were in the green the next exam. For example, psych. I also write out concepts I have trouble remembering, and do notecards as well.


After reading posts on here, and many people stating all of their questions came our of left field, it is causing me extreme anxiety. I already have test anxiety and these posts aren't helping. :-/ I guess I need a little pick-me-up. I've been on the PA forum now for 2+ years before I even started for PA school..and have always loved the advice. Any advice would be much appreciated right now.

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The exact same thing happened to me when I was studying for the PANRE. Don't read into the NCCPA tests too much -the sample size of questions is too small. If you miss one endocrine question, your score goes down by half! It sounds like you prepared well, just practice lots and lots of questions and you will do fine.

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Thanks so much for the reply! I was thinking the same thing today. It's great to get an idea of how the ask questions, but not sure how great it is of how you are doing in a subject.

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Not that many people are replying, :;-): but as far as my scores have gone

Packrats Ive scored 200, 204 on my last two packrats I have taken and a 185/225 before that.

Exam master 60-78% range

NCCPA a few areas in red/yellow that changed to green the second time I took it and green areas

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If you're scoring over 60% on exam masters and over 185 on packrat you're doing just fine. Things to watch out for on the pance are the wording of the questions. For example; What is the best treatment or what is the gold standard treatment or what would the next best step be. This is tricky because what you do in practice might not be the best. i.e. we typically use a CT to look for a PE but the best option would be a pulmonary angiogram. So the idea is just read the question very carefully and know what you're answering. The other thing they're doing is they're getting away from using keyword associations in the questions. You must actually know the disease, disorders, and descriptions.

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    • By Aunt Val
      Hi, everyone!  There have been several questions about taking the PANCE lately, so I want to add my experience in the hopes that it will help those who are preparing for it.  I just took it a couple weeks ago, so the experience is still fresh on my mind.
      I took a couple of months after I finished school to study before I sat for the exam.  I think that for me, it was good timing, though two months may be too long for others.  I used two main resources:  PANCE Prep Pearls and Rosh Review.  I like both of those and found them to compliment one another well.  I also used Anki for making flashcards, and I listened to podcasts from physicianassistantexamreview.com over all the body systems that I scored low in.  Highly recommend!  Additionally, I took the two NCCPA practice exams to gauge my progress.  They're $50 each, so not cheap, but it was worth it to me to make sure I was on the right track.
      Before I started studying, I made a calendar that mapped out what I needed to study each week in order to fit everything in.  A couple of friends and I got together over Zoom in the mornings to study, and then in the afternoons we studied individually.  The accountability of having others who knew my study schedule and expected me to be on our calls was really helpful.  Study time was six days a week (I took Sundays off).
      On the two days right before the exam, I didn't study at all but gave my brain a break to rest up for the PANCE "marathon".  It was tempting to want to cram in a few last-minute things, but I decided not to, following the advice of Brian Wallace, the host of physicianassistantexamreview.com.  He only recommends one day off beforehand, but I went ahead and took two just because one of those days was really busy with other things.
      On the morning of the exam, I got to the testing center and did their check-in process (wearing a mask, of course).  The exam has 5 sections with 60 questions each, and you get a break between sections.  Toward the middle to end of the second section, my mind started wandering off and I had to stop and refocus.  Same thing happened with the last section.  I finished each part with a few minutes left on the clock.  Some questions were super basic, and some were a lot more challenging.  There were a few that I had to completely guess on.
      After the exam, you have to wait up to two weeks to get your score back.  My score report actually came in 3 days; I don't know if that's normal.  And I passed!  Not with as high a score as I had hoped, but passing is all that really matters.
      So that's my story.  I hope it's helpful.
    • By eluch15
      So I was browsing MUSC's website, and noticed that they had a 86% PANCE pass rate in 2019 compared to being in the high 90s the other four years. Does anyone know why the number dropped so significantly? It was 98% in 2018 and 2017. Can anyone share insight if there were any problems with the curriculum that cycle? 
    • By PAssionate20
      I'm looking for private tutoring for  PANCE to help me in certain areas. If anyone tutors please let me know.
      Thank you. 
    • By dwy789
      Sharing a new board prep site!

      A la carte question banks & 1 hour individual or group study sessions with cases/board style questions!
    • By Kay7
      Hey everyone, I’m selling my Rosh Review subscription. It’s the full PANCE question bank and expires Nov 4, 2020. There’s also a Peds EOR exam that expires on Jan 08, 2021. Asking $100. I think a 90 subscription to Rosh is $149 right now FYI. DM me! 
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