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Wash Academy of PAs - - - I'm Coming in from the Cold

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I resigned from both the AAPA and my state chapter (MN) about 15 years, after 15 years of faithful service. I did it out of frustration and disillusionment because their agenda seemed to not be congruent with my own, of advancing our profession.


I've flirted with the idea of going back, but my mind was quickly changed when I would be once again disappointed in my interactions with them (AAPA).


I am happy to say that I'm rejoining my state chapter, in this case, Washington State. The reason? Yesterday I got their latest news letter and I was impressed. For one, they are trying to change the law to removed the "Supervisory Agreement" approval from our licensing. Not to say that we still won't have to have a SP, of course we will, but we will not have to jump through a totally second set of hoops to have that approved. It would be between the PA and the MD. They are also fighting to remove the required 10% of time that the PA and SP must be in the same office. That would be a huge help for my practice. Thirdly they are working on increase the number of PAs one MD can supervise from 2 to 5.


I decided that finally we are on the same page and they will have my support.

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re: the 10% rule. I hope that goes away for the sake of rural and solo providers.

unfortunately, for those of us who work in hospital settings, the hospital rules trump the state rules. we would love to run our satellite facility pa only (it is currently pa 24/7 with a doc there 8 hrs/day) but the hospital requires a daily physician presence. the docs make twice our salary and the production bonuses come out of what is left after expenses are paid out so if we went to pa only 24/7 we would probably double our production bonuses. the docs would be ok with this but the hospital demands "supervision" daily, even if that only means they are present doing exactly the same job we do 24/7 with or without them there.

not a member of ospa or wapa as they don't do much for folks working in specialties in hospital settings. all of their cme's are "management of the abnl pap smear"....great...

anyway, I am an aapa member( work pays for it) and a sempa member ( which I pay for). and PA's for tomorrow of course....

which just was granted "special interest group status" by the aapa. they also now have nonprofit 501 c6 status. progress!

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