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PA in ED in Northern CA

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Hi all,

I like emergency medicine and think that is where I want to be in the future.

Would like to hear your thoughts about what places are best to work at in North CA.

I think SutterHealth does not hire directly (they use CEP now for Fast Track?) and that has its cons, like not getting a pension all other sutter employees do after 5 years. I wonder why is that, seems unfair.

Anyone working for Kaiser? I liked them, would also like to know what other options are there (Kaiser) for PA exept OR.

What do you like/not like so much about where you work and was it hard to find such position?

PM works too.

Thank you.

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kaiser uses pa's in the ed's but after a few years you will want to move on to a place which allows for a better scope of practice. I worked for them for 5 yrs full time(long enough to get a pension) then cut back to on call with them and found a better job elsewhere.

in santa cruz, check dominican and watsonville community hospitals as they both use pa's. so does hazel hawkins hospital in hollister. there is an em pa position in napa right now that I saw on the sempa job site yesterday(see http://www.sempa.org)

cep and emcare positions are almost always fast track so if you want more from your career than that look elsewhere(or do it for a few yrs then move on).

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