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. . . Hello,


I am a little reluctant to post this question because I find it to be a weak point, but it is necessary because I need help and opinions. I was a nursing student (BSN), got accepted with 3.6 overall gpa. Long story short, during my last semester I was dismissed with a 2.9 gpa due to failed clinical attendance and notification-- abandonment. Not an excuse but found out my now ex cheated on me.


I do regret the past, felt immature about it, and ungrateful to the opportunities presented to me. I was encouraged to enter nursing, never my choice. There was no passion, no motivation, and at the time (21 y/o) "my world" (with my ex) was falling apart, nursing was the last thing on my mind.


I took year off school. After "finding myself," and learning from my mistake I went back for my BS.

Graduated with (biomedical and behavioral science):

  • [*=left]3.1 overall,
    [*=left]3.8 for my last 30 credits,
    [*=left]and 3.5 for science gpa

. . . still taking post-bac classes to fulfill PA school prereqs


In addition to my grades, I also have


  • [*=left]a year of hospital CNA experience
    [*=left]I know CASPA does not count nursing clinical rotation as HCE, but I have that for direct patient care
    [*=left]I work in a hospital now (clerical), but will be going back to becoming a CNA
    [*=left]shadowing PA hours
    [*=left]volunteered for foreign charities
    [*=left]taking a class for GRE. Plan to take it in 2013.

I learned and researched the PA profession, the information I learn about ignites my inner passion to be a part of something bigger than myself. I know my heart is in healthcare, and I want to be a PA. I have talked to some PA coworkers and the told me "GO! Do what you have to do and apply, and keep on applying!!!" I have told them my situation, but not this detailed. I know there are some schools that will not give my situation a chance, but my question is what are my REAL chances? Are there any advice or idea that would help me increase my opportunity to enter PA school? The closest situation I read from PAforum was a PA student being dismissed, and being admitted again. I plan on giving myself one more year before I apply, finishing up classes and increasing HCE hours. I've learned from my mistakes not to fail again and improve myself for the services I want to render.


Thank you for your time. Let us dream BIG and take action together.


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I can't speak spicifically on being dismissed from a program. There is a thread here titled "Aske a PA Admissions Director." I would post in there and see what they have to say about the view of admission committees on that subject. On another note, a lot of people have black marks on their application and in their pasts. Only thing you can do is acknowledge it happened, what you did to correct it, and what the results were of that correction. In my case I didn't take college seriously during my undergrad and graduated with a 2.31 (caspa GPA). In my statement I acknowledged what I did wrong in my past, what I did to correct it, and what the results were. In my interview the topic came up (the first question that was asked to me) and I addressed it just as I wrote earlier. Don't look backwards to move forward. Today is a new day and look to the future. Keep your head up and give it your best shot!

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What you'll have is experience and knowledge of warning signs and potential for consequence. You'll likely be able to recognize those types of situations as they're happening from here on and will be skilled and adept enough to handle and barge through them. As for monogamy, remember that Homo sapiens is not by nature monogamous. There are different strokes for different folks, meaning different people handle that in their own way. That being said, there are also monogamous human couples. As with all things in life, find your friends and your inner peace. Just like your maturity and transition in healthcare from one career in medicine to one which will perhaps work better in your life, there are no absolutes and people develop and grow at their own pace. Issues such as sexual indiscretions can indeed be hurtful and difficult to deal with and it's a lesson in life in learning how to deal with situations such as those if and when they happen. Finding those we trust and love to be with along the way is half the fun :)

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