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How much of a factor is age?

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Hey all,


New forum member here, just joined so I can chat about PCAP with everyone. I had a couple of questions regarding the program and I was hoping to get them sorted out!


How big of a factor is age? I saw on the Stanford site that the average age of their graduates is around 35 I believe, however, I plan on applying when I am 22 or 23. Is this going to be a big issue when it comes to acceptance or not?


Additionally, what's the level of integration with Foothill and Saint Mary's or whatnot? Is the program not exclusively at Stanford? I couldn't quite grasp what the relationship was when reviewing information about the program.


Thanks everyone!

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For this program, I am not sure that age is as big of a factor, as is experience.


Of the folks that I've met in person, and those I know from this forum, that have been admitted to the PCAP I would say that the common thread is a great GPA, some volunteering, outstanding references (LORs), and lots of quality HCE (military medics, paramedics, RNs, RTs...).


If you have all of the above, then I wouldn't worry.


Good luck with your application.

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