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EM positions in Florida?

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I leaning a bit forward here, but I will most likely be attending PA school in Florida. One of the areas that I am interested in is Emergency Med. Problem is, there doesn't seem to be very many positions for EM in Florida. Indeed.com hasn't shown any for quite a while and I don't see much said about Florida EM positions on this forum.


Is there not much of a market for EM in Florida? Particulary NE Florida?





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florida is not a terribly pa friendly state. georgia on the other hand is, with frequent em positions listed. most of the em jobs in florida that I have seen are with big groups like cep and emcare which have a history of sticking pa's in fast track or triage positions only with no exposure to main acuity patients.

the sempa.org job site currently has 7 empa positions in florida:


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