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Difference between Microbiology and Public Heath AND Microbiology?

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A combo course? Typically schools want sciences for science majors, in otherwords the microbiology that a bio major would take NOT what a creative writing student could take to satisfy the science requirement. If I were you I would take the pre-reqs and take the regular microbio course and skip the combo course. Im willing to bet that the pre-reqs for the micro course are classes you need anyway as pre-reqs for most PA programs (biology I maybe II and chem I maybe?). For most classes the pre-reqs are there because they serve as a foundation, besides youre a freshman so no need to rush.....you have the chance to do everything right, take your time :wink:


Best bet is to email the programs with the course description and ask them if youre deadset on trying to get away with the combo course.....

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