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What problems do PAs face in the field? (part 2)

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Hi. I am a writer/researcher new to the forum. I found a thread that Bugmenot started early this year "What problems do PAs face in the field?" That thread petered out a bit after a very lively and insightful flurry of 37 postings. I am - kudos to Bugmenot - picking up that thread here. So, it's What problems do PAs face in the field? Part 2 continuing the thread I found at this site - from Feb 2012.



I am doing some research specifically on PAs and the challenges you face such as your roles in the various clinical settings where you practice and the recognition and value of your contributions via compensation and assigned responsibilities, variations in scope of practice around the country, roles vis a vie NPs and other clinicians, career paths, CME, certification/re-certification, re-locating to a new state where regs are very different.. etc. Also, what organizations do you belong to where you seek help and/or networking opps etc. as a PA?


I am happy to hear from any of you offline as well if you don't want to post here. I will NOT use anything I learn here for work without your explicit permission.



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