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Hello, I'm currently attending a community college and I will be receiving my associates next semester. I have a 3.75 GPA. I am taking honor classes, I'm in the phi theta kappa honor society, i have been volunteering for 1 year at the hospital, I am an officer in the international club. My grandmother was a physician assistant and she is my inspiration. What are my chances of getting accepted?


I have 3 w's on my transcript. I dropped some of my classes last spring because my dad was having heart attacks and other health issues so I had to take care of him daily. Will it affect my chances of getting accepted?

Thanks y'all

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I don't think that the W's are going to be the reason you would not be accepted. PA programs are looking at the whole picture of a student -- including being a well rounded student, with LOTS of work experience. Please keep in mind that although your volunteer time is a great addition to your medical experiences, most PA programs do not accept volunteer or shadowing hours towards work experience. Most or all programs require a minimum of hours prior to applications and continued work experience before starting the program. That's one of the best things about PA -- it's about work experience and NOT numbers/grades. If you're the smartest in the book and all about being a "smart number", medical school might be a better fit. However, a PA program concentrates on a much larger span of requirements for application -- WORK EXPERIENCE, grades, recommendation letters, GRE scores, etc. GOOD LUCK!!

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hi guys, i'm seeking advice to see if i still have a chance for PA school. As of right now my gpa is 2.76, however i went back and retook some classes and got a 3.1 . With all the C's and the 4 D's and 1 F's i have, i was wondering if this would ruin my chances? I am entering a special masters program that would give me a masters in medical science, after im done with this i still have 4 prerequisites left like A&P 1 and 2, microbiology lab, and medical terminology which i plan on taking at my undergraduate . I also have been working at a d.d.s. office and d.o. office for the past 3 years, doing filing work, assisting patients to their room and etc, also taking x - rays and recording things about the patient that doctor ask me to write down. Also have volunteer work, i volunteer at shelters to serve lunch, also volunteer at the local hospital. If i do good in the masters program and in the last prerequisites i have left, will i have a chance? I'm 24 and i dont want to get to 28 and have no job stability, i dont want my parents to incur anymore debt from me, i want to help them pay them off as soon as possible. Thanks for the advice....

Also my gre is 157 Verbal 152 Quant 3.0 writing

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