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Locum CV Surgery?

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I am currently a CV Surgery PA. I am leaving my current job and taking a new opportunity in a different surgical specialty. The surgeons I currently work for have asked if I would be willing to continue as a locum picking up shifts on my days off from my new job and occasionally coming in for surgery on the weekends at my discretion. I was wondering what kind of compensation I should aim for? Basically, an extra weekday would involve rounding, surgery and some clinic which consists of wound checks and post op concerns from patients. On the weekends I would ask that they call me the night before if they have a surgery on a saturday or Sunday and I would come in just for the surgery and some rounding in the morning before surgery if necessary. So, the weekday would be a 10 hour on average and the weekend would be a case of about 3-5 hours on average depending on the surgeon and the case. My question is what would be a fair daily rate for a regular work week day and a per surgery rate for the weekends? I know it differs regionally. I am just looking for a ball park figure. I was intitially thinking that at $70/hr for a weekday would be $700 for a full weekday. On the weekend I was going to ask for $500 since it would just be the surgery case. Not sure if this is too high or low. Just wanting to get some input from more experienced folks. I would not be taking call.


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