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question for ER midlevels about compensation - sounds pretty good to me

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Heres the gig:


Mon-Friday one week 9a-5p then next week 5p-1a (part time people do weekends)

$55/hour regardless (no incentive pay) for first 6 months then $65/hour

$400 stipend monthly for health insurance (must get your own plan)

2k yearly for cme (second years goes up to 3k)

Holidays - 2 major yearly (?) but its overtime ( from what I hear the part time people like to pick it up)

retirement - matching after one year (i think up to 17k)

no paid vacation


From what I've researched and experienced I believe this is a good deal. Is this about average/higher than average?



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at that hourly rate without vacation thats about 135k a year - so taking a few weeks vacation out of that seems like it would still be ok. Sort of seeing it like an office schedule (since no weekends)... 8 hour shifts after doing 12s seems crazy short. it replaces my full time and part time jobs salary wise...But like you said working five days a week will be difficult to do anything different. I'm just kind of tired of having so many part time jobs. want to consolidate. I just want to make sure that deal isn't in my head as being good because its predictable and stable.

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"Mon-Friday one week 9a-5p then next week 5p-1a (part time people do weekends)"


I can't comment on the salary as it is obviously dependent on so many factors such as experience, location, etc. and my experience is somewhat limited in the ER.


I will recommend that you negotiate for better scheduling, after having worked 8-4 x 2 weeks then 3-11PM x 2 weeks, alternating... it will really wreak havoc on your sleep schedule. Your proposed schedule of 1 week 9-5 followed by 1 week 5 to 1AM sounds worse, try and get two weeks of 9-5 then two weeks of 5-1AM alternating, at least you won't have as much adjusting each month.

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the money is slightly better than avg but not much. we start our new grads at 45-50/hr + production with a full benefits package

400 dollars/mo will not buy healthcare.

no vacation is unacceptable.

20 days/mo sucks as an em schedule. most places are more like 16 days/mo with 10 hr shifts. a fixed schedule means you lose most of the advantage of working in em, the flexible scheduling.

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I agree, that the hours are pretty brutal. I don't think I am speaking for myself here, but more than 3-4 days consecutive in the ED regardless of 8 hour shifts becomes daunting. Also, this brings up an interesting point that has been discussed loosely here on the forum; hand-offs. They're awful, and it seems like this will be even more impossible to avoid with an 8 hour shift 5 x a week.


I would try and negotiate better scheduling if thats even possible. I would definitely ask about tail coverage, and I would also find out what your time spent in the main ED is vs dreaded (but a necessary evil) fast track. Your pay rate is decent, but what about OT? It seems impossible to me get out of the ED in 8 hours depending on how many other providers are working.


No paid vacay? so I guess you have to find a local CME conference to save some of that money, otherwise you're really not getting paid. Lastly, if you're not married, or providing insurance for a family, $400/mo should be ok, not great, but ok. Best of luck.

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