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I am a second year and have a semester left and I'm off to rotations. Any questions post them here or PM me.


Hey! Anything that you don't like about the program? Also... I posted in the general discussion.. I have a few months left before starting... Trying to decide which class would be most beneficial to take to help to prepare for didactic year...


general biology ( I've already taken biology 2 and micro as well as a&p1/2

intro to organic and biochem (have had general chem, basic chem and applied chem which touched organic)

an online genetics course.




Any advice would be helpful. Besides that wanna spend some time with family before I move away and my life is over. LLol thanks so much!!



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Program is alright not the best but every program has its pros and cons. Have you gotten accepted or are you waiting? Well best class to prep before you start would be a medical terminology class. They usually have a test before school starts on medical terminology so if you take that class you will be head of the game. Good luck.

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Can't help but find it weird that I still haven't heard back from them. Submitted my CASPA in July and was part of the CASPA Mailing Group #6, according to the email sent by NYIT. I called a couple of weeks ago and they said they are still reviewing my application. Has anyone else not received a response either?

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