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Seriously considering becoming a PA. A few questions about specialties. Thanks.

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I am someone who envisions blocks of free time in my work schedule. I have many and varied interests and I like to picture a work life that makes room for them. I would like to see if certain specialties would allow me this time and are viable possibilities for me. This is an important part of the decision to pursue PA school or not.


1. Hospitalist. I would love to work a block schedule. I do not want to work nights. How plentiful are these jobs? Will they become more plentiful with Obamacare? What kind of salary can I expect? I am located in a large metro area in Texas.


2. Dermatology. I sure would value 3 day weekends. Is this interesting work? It seems like it would be low-key, am I wrong? How competitive is it to get a job in derm? In what ways is it competitive?


3. Concierge work. Is this work difficult to find? With a little experience under my belt, is it reasonable that I could pull together a concierge practice in Texas (where PA's can own a part of the practice)? Any further thoughts on this one? I hardly know what to ask. :-)


Any other suggestions?


Thanks for your generous answers.

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As far as Derm is concerned, it is low key and because it's so specialized it tends to be less stressful, in my opinion. No one is trying to die on you, no one is seeking narcotics, there's no call, and most patients are really nice. This is just my experience. I work in a derm office 3 days a week, and make a decent salary. It can be a challenge finding a job as most PAs stay where they are, unless the practice is a nightmare. So generally derm jobs don't come up all that often. As far as how interesting it is, there are days when all you seem to see are patients with acne, warts, and dermatitis. I mix things up by working in an urgent care and a FP part time. Good luck.

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