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Hi everyone, would like to know your opinions about an offer i have received as a new grad from an urgent care facility:

-part time


-malpractice covered (except tail)

-forgot to ask about DEA requirement (dont know if i need it there; not sure if is usually covered in a part time position?)


I figured to work here until i can find a full time position with benefits. Not sure if I should try to negotiate the hourly wage and for paid tail coverage.

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DO NOT TAKE $35/hour - you are just screwing yourself and every other PA and NP out there....


Your PA license and DEA # are worth $50/hour per diem bare min - or about $40/hour with GREAT bennies including a matching retirement!


Gotta get it up to high $40's or low $50's/hr. Think about it - if you see one patient an hour you generate about $80 - if you see two patients an hour you make about $150 - any new grad should be able to see 2 patients an hour in a simple urgent care. don't sell yourself short.


Oh yeah and not covering tail is basically saying they don't care about you at all - they only care about the company... they gotta cover tail or occurrence...

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I think some RN make $35 an hour. As ventana stated, any PA taking a low ball offer will hurt the profession as a whole. Don't be selfish and accept such BS offer. It's a business so don't take the first number they throw at you. Negotiate! If you're willing to relocate, you will certainly get a better offer.

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NY and PA pay very low. I will admit to you that as an experienced PA in the prison system in Pennsylvania I could only swing $31/hr. Hardly worth my time...so I much prefer the slightly further drive to rural clinic at $50/hr. still a bit of a cut from what I made in EM in SC, but grateful for the work and I enjoy it. Certainly wouldn't choose to stay here long-term with such depressed salaries!

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